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David Ren

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执行董事长:任大伟先生 集团创始人任大伟先生在中国从事多年通讯领域商贸业务,2003年移民加拿大并转向金融投资行业,在股票基金领域业绩斐然。2012年,任大伟先生创办了北美唯一的高端财经中英文双语杂志《财富世界》,致力于打造一个对西方主流社会有影响力的媒体平台。于同年成立了VASIA广告传媒公司、FORTUNEWORLD投资公司,并先后在纽约、北京成立了办事处,其投资涵盖金融、传媒、文化、影视、地产等领域。任大伟先生一直积极促进中西方经济文化交流,将财富世界集团发展成为北美和中国商界互相了解的窗口和投资交流平台。

How Has Inflation Become Wishful Thinking?

Many economists are puzzled by the fact that neither economic growth nor inflation have turned out as expected despite the great efforts by the central banks in the western countries to reduce their interest rates again and again, even to zero. The central banks in the EU and Japan, in particular, even reduced their interest rates to negative values.

Will There Be a Bull Market During the RMB Depreciation Cycle?

It makes sense that many believe there won’t be a bull market during the RMB devaluation cycle because capital outflow is inevitable during this cycle.

Will Canadian Dollar Further Depreciate?

Canadian dollar continued to depreciate significantly in January.

Will There Be A Turnaround For Chinese Stock Market?

Though lacking optimism in our expectations for a rebound of Chinese stock market in the spring of 2016, most investors still do not anticipate a drastic slump as another round of downward adjustments.

Conservatively Face the Uncertainties

After the Shanghai Composite Index in March reached 3,000 points, it appeared hesitant, making it difficult for investors to make decisions.

Do Not Panic About the Federal Reserve’s Increase of Interest Rate

The Chinese stock market was caught amidst of awkward flux in November.

China’s Population Policy and Industrialization

The Chinese government made a major adjustment on its family planning policy that had been implemented for over 30 years, which is to abandon the One-Child Policy.

Recovery Still Needs Time

Since its peak at 5178.19 pts, the Shanghai Index experienced two plummets in mid June and mid August.