“CAIFU ” Magazine’s Annual Cocktail Party 2016

“CAIFU” magazine held its Annual Cocktail Party at the Concord Pacific Place on March 16th, 2016. Over a hundred participants, including government officials, business elites, partners and high-end readers of the magazine, were present to celebrate “CAIFU” magazine’s fourth anniversary.

Acting Consul General Xiaodong Fan from Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Vancouver, attended the event and delivered a speech. He enthusiastically complimented the achievements accomplished by “CAIFU” magazine in the past and expressed great expectations for the future of the magazine, hoping that “CAIFU” will become “Forbes of the Chinese “. Director of the magazine, Mr. David Ren, conducted a insightful speech on “The Opportunities and Risks of 2016” during the event. In addition, Mr. Ren recapped “CAIFU”‘s accurate predictions, as early as August 2014, on China cutting its interest rates and an upcoming bull market, and once again in May 2015, a timely warning on the potential risks in the stock market and a withdrawal of investment. He also explored the future trends in global economy and the Chinese economy in his speech. Vice Director Mr. William Ren summarized “CAIFU”‘s achievements in the past few years and shared his visions on the future development of the magazine; he also expressed gratitude for each and everyone for their great support to “CAIFU”.

Head quartered in Vancouver, “CAIFU” magazine was launched in January 2012, and is a high-end monthly bilingual financial magazine with a circulation covering North America and China. “Since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China sixty years ago, and with more than 50 million overseas Chinese, ‘CAIFU’ is the first successful Chinese magazine which has entered the Western mainstream channels so far,” said Mr. William Ren. “The mission of ‘CAIFU’ magazine is to create the first sustainable Chinese media that will thrive in the Western society, thus becoming a bridge that connects the Chinese and the mainstream Western society.”

Established four years ago, “CAIFU” magazine’s distribution has now covered the entire North America, delivering to six major cities in Canada, including Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Montreal and four major cities in the USA, namely New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle. As of now, “CAIFU” magazine has more than seven hundred distribution locations for the English readers, and mail directly to more than twenty thousand high-net-worth subscribers. “CAIFU” magazine is not only recognized by the overseas Chinese readers, but also appreciated by the English readers. The sales performance of “CAIFU” magazine has exceeded many English magazines, therefore the largest USA book chain Barnes & Noble signed an agreement with “CAIFU” magazine in early 2015, to promote the “CAIFU” magazine in the USA.

Since its establishment, “CAIFU” magazine has also organized and hosted a number of high-profile events. Having hosting the “China Canada Economics and Finance Forum” with BC government, Bank of China and HSBC, “CAIFU” magazine also organized the 30th Anniversary of Vancouver-Guangzhou Sister Cities with Vancouver government, the World Chaozhou Assembly with over 3000 participants, and Beijing Poly Culture Event. In 2016, “CAIFU” magazine has scheduled a list of more diversified events.

“A high-end bilingual financial magazine is not only a window for the Westerners to take opportunity and learn more about China, but also a platform for the Chinese to integrate and thrive in the mainstream Western society,” said Vice Director, Mr. William Ren. “My goal is to make ‘CAIFU’ magazine the world’s most authoritative Chinese financial media group within five to ten years, and provide the best opportunities to investors, and ultimately evolve into ‘Forbes of the Chinese’.”