Golden Age Collection: Poly Culture Art Appreciation Exhibition

Poly Culture leads the investment boom of art collection in North America, “Golden Age Collection” – Poly Culture Art Appreciation Exhibition, which was organized by the Poly Culture North American Investment Co., and supported by Caifu magazine, was held on September 25th and 26th 2015 at the Royal Centre in downtown Vancouver.

The exhibition was a great success. Hundreds of invited guests, comprised of  high net worth individuals, high-end customers, local art collectors and enthusiasts had attended this exhibition, which led to an investment boom in art-collecting in North America.

This art appreciation exhibition was comprised of Antiques Art exhibition, Expert Talks, wine receptions and many other exciting activities. Present were four notable antiques art experts: Mr. Jiang Yingchun, General Manager of Beijing Poly Culture Group Corporation Ltd, Mr. Chen Lianyong, Managing Director of Beijing Heydays Art Treasures Investment Management Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Xuesong, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd, and Mr. Li Yizhou , General Manager of Chinese antique curios unit, of Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd.. They gave insightful talks on different interesting topics, which included, but were not limited to: a brief introduction on the development of the art investment market over the past two decades; the appreciation and market analysis of the porcelain kiln of Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties; the 10 important paintings auctioned off by Poly; the Qianlong court art and collectors. They also took this opportunity to answer various queries regarding the investment in art-collecting.