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The business of selling a movie



Food & Drink

World’s Best Tea

It’s an exciting new world for the tea industry, never before has the world’s most popular beverage been more popular.

Food & Drink

Organic or Not What You’re Paying for May Just Be a Label

The Whole Foods supermarket chain didn’t start the organic food craze, but they have certainly profited from it.

Food & Drink

The Business of Wine

No one gets into the business of wine to make money. Owning a vineyard is a labour of love, and it is a labour.



Look Out, Hollywood – the Chinese Film Industry Is Ready for its Close-Up

Despite an economic slowdown in China, its emerging middle class are still flocking to the cinema for action, adventure and popcorn.


Entertainment M&As: Rutledge Masterminds Cable Megadeal and the Legendary Wang Jianlin Buys a Hollywood Studio

In 2015, cable companies in the U.S. dominated the media, entertainment and communications sector in mergers and acquisitions.


The Rollercoaster Ride of the Chinese Theme Park Industry is Just Beginning

Until now, local companies have been the dominant players in the Chinese theme park industry.


Arts & Culture

Finding love online: dating in the digital age

Everything is online now, including possibly the love of your life.

Arts & Culture

Buckle Up for the 2015 Calgary Stampede

City slickers and country kickers flock to Calgary, Alberta every summer to the Calgary Stampede to experience the world-famous rodeo, cheer on thrilling chuck wagon races, gaze at fireworks and listen to country music at nightly grandstand shows.

Arts & Culture

Beijing Poly Culture Remains the Domestic Leader with RMB 3.32 Billion in the 10th Anniversary Spring Auction

On the evening of June 8, 2015, Beijing Poly International Auction Company successfully concluded its 10th anniversary Spring Auction, consisting of 54 sessions over 6 days, with sales totaling RMB 3.32 billion.



The Best of Havana in Three Days

Cuba is an increasingly popular destination with a vibrant culture and friendly people


Four Destinations Where Business Magnates Go to Seal the Deal

As more companies utilize technology to communicate with clients and colleagues scattered around the world, many billionaire executives are actively shunning this practice.



Outer Space: the new frontier in tourism

“Space the final frontier”, was the opening line to the venerable Star Trek TV show, but it would seem 45 years on it’s not noble exploration driving the space race but tourism.