• Wipe away Tears and Blood to Embrace the Bull Market

    by Caifu Global

    Note from CAIFU: 

    The article pointed out “Various unfavorable factors would emerge over the 2012-2013 period. These unfavorable factors will be like the fires of the phoenix, burning and fueling the Chinese stock market into a bright new round.”

    In reality, the Chinese sluggish bear market reached the bottom at 1859 points on June, 2013. The stock market is now at a height of 3600 points.
  • China Stock Market: Real Estate Downturn Is Not A Disaster

    by Caifu Global

    At 2000 points, when people are still worried about the Chinese stock market, the article pointed out “When government is forced to lower the interest rate due to problems on Real estate sector, the lowering of interest rate may not be able to save real estate, but it may very likely drive up the Chinese stock market.”

  • Chinese stock market: How far can the pig fly?

    by Caifu Global

    Recently, a popular saying in China’s stock market emerged. It goes like this; “when the wind blows hard enough, pigs will fly.” Indeed, as a series of easy money policies came blowing in like the wind, pigs began flying in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets. This started back in the summer of 2014 when financial stocks represented by securities dealers soared sky-high, with a stunning increase of several times over, within a short period of time. And now, since the beginning of this year, concept and subject shares on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) have been flying higher and higher, too.